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Fully Automated - Biomass to Oil

colorado extraction Extraction

Leading Extraction Technology

Our extraction models are designed to accommodate a wide range of production levels without compromising efficiency, thus delivering cleaner, purer extracts, time after time.

colorado extraction Extraction

Chilled Alcohol Extraction

Simplified extraction system designed to allow the operator to process up to 20 pounds of biomass per hour, cold or room temperature. Easy to use, clean, and maintain, this system balances effort and output without sacrificing quality.

Fully-automated system that can process up to 1,000 pounds of biomass per hour. Our centrifugal design and patent-pending process, maximizes extraction efficiency while minimizing plant damage down to -40C.

colorado extraction Evaporation

Evaporation Engineered by Experts

Imagine a better journey from plant extract to product. Our evaporation equipment eliminates the everyday hassles of separation and purification while recapturing up to 99%* of solvent, elevating your end product with professional-level quality and efficiency.

colorado extraction Evaporation

Experience our patented falling film technology

Patented falling film evaporation system that uses a closed-loop liquid to liquid separation designed to generate high-quality oil in a high throughput setting, all while recapturing more solvent than any other model on the market, allowing you to repurify the ethanol for re-use over and over again.

Decarb station
Our DS line of decarboxylation equipment makes it easy to rapidly transition cannabinoids from the acid phase while eliminating volatile compounds along the way. Our equipment is designed to separate the decarboxylation process entirely, which keeps distillation and other equipment clean and sanitary.

colorado extraction Distillation

Leading Distillation Technology

Maximize your production of the highest quality distillate without slowing down the process. Available in 5L, 12L and 22L system. Our distillation systems feature a modular design with no moving parts, which makes it easy to place into an existing setup.

colorado extraction Distillation

A turnkey solution to superior distillate.

Thin Film Wipe 3.5 is a closed-loop, continuous, fractional distillation system that uses roller technology and multiple heating zones to separate the cannabinoids and terpenes from crude oil in a single-pass.

ShortPath is our turnkey fractional distillation system that makes the distillation process virtually effortless.

colorado extraction Isolation

Leading Isolation Technology

Demystify the isolation process with our easy to-use leading technology. Our isolation systems walk you through the recrystallization process with everything from glassware and vacuum pumps to flow-monitoring control panels.

colorado extraction Isolation

Simply Chemistry. Professional-quality Recrystallization

ISO2: Manual small batch process utilizing custom designed isolate to recrystallization equipment to maximize yield.

ISO20: Double jacketed Borosilicate 20L glass reactor with Teflon mixer, electronic lift & tilt, 180 degree reactor tilt for ease of operation, heating chilling, and vacuum included. This system comes with heating and chilling to allow for a quick transition to isolate. D8 works great in this setup.


Colorado Extraction Systems is a Wheat Ridge, CO based company. Veteran owned and operated by Colorado natives who were childhood best friends. CES has built a family of customers who come to us for our honesty, consistency and reliability. All of our systems are FDA compliant (GRAS), ergonomically designed for ease of operation, and PROUDLY BUILT IN THE USA.


Colorado Extraction Systems believes that the most effective equipment/processes should have minimal complexity and easy-to-use. We have taken the time to design and build the best systems to maximize efficiency and reduce cost. We work with the best people to deliver exceptional customer service, high performance systems with consistent output, using only the highest quality components. While we strive for working with locally owned and operated companies, all our equipment is made in the USA with globally sourced components. Smart design and superior customer relationships result in unparalleled satisfaction every time.


All of our designs are fluid, in that we are always discovering better ways to make our extraction, evaporation, and distillation systems smarter and more efficient. We are currently developing new systems to lead the industry in all aspects of processing equipment. We continue to develop and patent new technology to make the world a better place.


CES is committed to designing and implementing only the best process equipment that exceeds customer requirements while providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. Delivery performance, no excuses.